The strong angular design of Ribbon is delicately balanced by it’s seemingly gravity defying lightness.
Inlaid accents draw the eye across the surface creating a flow reflected in the carefully selected grain of the timber.
Strata injects modern day minimalistic design elements in to the classic antique forms of the pastThis eclectic combination is also reflected in the use of materials with aviation grade birch ply wood sitting upon hand carved solid beech legs.
A beautiful marriage of old and new.
Inspired by Japanese furniture and architectural designs, the suspension desk sits neatly into a range of areas, from busy living rooms to designer apartments and office rooms.
Ribbon Slide
With it’s canter lever lines, Ribbon Slide continues the airy feel established by Ribbon.
A technical masterpiece it exploits the natural properties of the materials and construction methods resulting in a deceptively simple yet calculated balancing act.
Fun stylish and extremely versatile Toboggan is a perfect example of Holms belief that furniture should have purpose.
Whether as a hall bench or coffee table Toboggan fits the role beautifully.