Amalgam is all about appreciating wood, it’s color, depth, grain and warmth.
Consisting of flavors from around the world with a splash of modernism it provides the perfect compliment to contrasting environments and lifestyles.
Linear exudes style with it’s gentle nod tot he elegance of the 1930s from the slender lines and the sweeping off-set handles to the robust geometry the linear range gently states it’s presence and form.
A popular classic, Bently focuses on attention to detail and craftsmanship with it’s mortise and tenon joints and hand carved square handles.A modern take on shaker theme it exemplifies the eclectic taste of the modern home.
Salisbury is based around the honest simplicity of functional sturdy furniture, the simple yet effective use of contrast and inlays brings it right up to date whilst still retaining a quintessentially English charm.